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 Advertising Has Changed…

The internet has simply transformed our lives.  It has changed the way that everything gets done.  If you have a phone, it likely is an internet device.  If you have a newer car, it is connected to the internet.  If you shop, it is very likely that you at least compare prices online.  Many people receive their news, entertainment, communication, financials, and file their taxes online.



Some Benefits of a digital online magazine:

Enviromentaly Friendly

No ink, paper or chemicals * It doesn’t block landfill *  Events are published in a timely manner * Less expensive than print, No transportation, shipping costs, print costs, etc.


Digital magazines are archived and readily available to read * Target audience generally grows over a period of time


Offers links for quick access * Animation video * Impact for the viewer

Search Engine Friendly

Easily found by search engines especially through blogging about news pertaining to the industry that you are targeting

Ease of Access

Instant accessibility from anywhere at anytime on a tablet, smartphone, etc.