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As the audience continues to grow in the performance horse industry, one of the foundation elements that has catapulted it’s popularity is video. To Quote Fred R. Barnard from a 1921 advertising journal If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, than it’s easy to see why a video clip can be priceless. The ability to take you there live or recorded, hear the sounds, watch the struggle, it is what in essence began the television visual revolution. Cutting is a compelling story in and of itself. One horse, one rider, three cows and 6 inches of sand to crown a champion. Now as long as you have internet access, you too can bring up these events and watch them. From Pennsylvania to Paraguay.

The incredible folks that have emerged tasked with streaming these events may vary from Association to Association. With that being said a company that has time and again helped to produce the NCHA’s Triple Crown events as well as the Eastern and Western Nationals is Video West Productions of Southern California. This small in size but large in stature company is operated by Ted and Seth Petit. Now there have been a few things written about Ted. How by being an official National Cutting Horse Association photographer to his familiarity with video production. How when the previous owner of Video West unfortunately passed that he was approached to pick up the mantle in Baskersfield California. The multiple titles that Ted has with his other passion his black belt in Kamishin Ryu. We however wanted to go a little deeper and find out the vision of Video West from a different perspective. We had the pleasure of speaking with son Seth about the evolution of Video West.

“When people see our dual rig set up at the Denver show they sometimes wonder how we do it and so much of it depends on timing. That’s something that he (Father Ted Petit) has been showing me. We are a dedicated photography studio as well. We don’t just shoot off multiple exposures and hope we get a good shot we take time with each shot. That’s one of the many advances we’ve made since we too over the business from the previous owners brother 14 years ago. My Dad has always loved photography and he will tell me stories of being 15, 16 and walking around with a camera”. Seth also explained that both he and his dad spend most of their time at the hotels just going over up and coming technology and what’s new in the world of computers and video. “I think one of the things that has helped us in working together all this time is we are both die hard nerds”. Like father, like son and both put on amazing shows.

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