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The first ponies were initially bought for the kids and that was at Christmas time in 2011. They started out with pleasure horses. The kids showed in lead line and halter classes. Ruth bought a pleasure horse for herself and showed her once, but the horse ended up lame. One day the family went to a reining event and Ruth thought to herself, “I wonder what is going on in the riders mind”?

One of the coaches suggested that there was money in reining horses. We purchased a mare, Dun Whiz It and now we have some yearlings out of her.

Ruth is in her third season of riding and showing reiners. The very first show was in Ontario and it was called “Green as Grass” class. Ruth notes; “My first pattern was six minutes long, I couldn’t spin and was so dizzy”. She did the “Green as Grass” class for one year.

They came across this mare Magnums Guns R Reddy (Magnum Chic Dream X Guns R Reddy) that Dany and Fred Tremblay found. Ruth started to show this mare. She showed the mare for a year and it wasn’t going very well. The Hamlin’s brought her back to Dany and Fred Tremblay and they ended up turning her around completely and the rest is history. Ruth explains; “Last year was a dream come true”. Everybody tells them that they must have beginners luck or something because you just don’t get into this sport and automatically win every time. Ruth said; “People pay millions and millions of dollars to find that special horse”.

Last year was surreal for the Hamlin family. The mares lowest score was 222.5.

The relationship with Dany and Fred Tremblay all started with finding this special mare “Magnums Guns R Reddy”. The Tremblay’s were the ones that initially found the mare and proved her to be a phenomenal mare.




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